Travelling to Stunning Cantabria on School Trips

School trips are a fundamental part of a student’s social and academic development. Giving young people the chance to explore boundaries and investigate their own opinions and pre-conceived ideas is an important part of growing up and developing intellectually. Taking students away from what is familiar will pose challenges and consequently build personal and social confidence. School trips are well-catered for and destinations chosen are suited to accommodating groups of young people.

In today’s modern world, because most countries are very accessible and easy to travel around, the list of possible destinations is extensive. Every one of the school trips offered by a reputable travel company will have a particular study focus, regardless of the age of the children involved. Trips are tailored to suit your group of students in terms of the age and dynamics, whilst aiming to combine the academic side with plenty of free time, fun and opportunities to make unforgettable memories.

Discover Northern Spain

Travelling from the UK is convenient, as you do not have to travel far before you are totally transported into another world with a different culture, history, language, and environment. Cantabria is a stunning part of Northern Spain, easily accessible from the UK and an ideal place to take students on school trips.

An ideal base for groups on school trips is in one of the tiny historic Spanish villages, such as Santillana del Mar. Immediately students will feel like they have stepped into the past and they can begin to absorb the rich historic traditions and culture that dominates the region. This medieval village is full of wonderful historic buildings plus the ancient Altamira Caves, which have a very interesting and artistically significant history. Explore the cobbled street and visit the Colegiata, the ancient Romanesque church and former Benedictine monetary.

From the village, this beautiful region is on your doorstep. With the Los Picos de Europa national park, lush forests and some wonderful coastline there is ample opportunity for walking, biking and exploring the countryside. Some of the best beaches in the region are in San Sebastian, the quirky Basque town bordering France, famous for its delicious tapas and pichos and fascinating Basque heritage.

Santander is the capital of the region; its coastal location with its spectacular mountainous backdrop makes it a very popular city to spend a few days. Overlooking the Cantabrian Sea, Cantabria quickly became a top-class resort destination for the affluent Spanish holidaymakers. Today, its friendly atmosphere and vibrant buzz still attracts people from all over the world. The Magdalena Peninsula, the beach and the promenade are among its biggest attractions.

One of the must-sees for students on school trips to this region is most certainly Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum, in Bilbao. An innovation in the art world, built to challenge the stereotypical idea of museums, this incredible building houses some of the most famous exhibitions in the world and will be a definite highlight.