Orlando Hotel Booking Tips

Orlando vacation trips are considered to be one of the best vacations in the world for the entire family – and why not? Orlando has something for everyone. There are parks, movies and entertainment for all. And it’s not just Disney Land we’re talking about. That’s just one part of what Orlando offers. There are a large number of magnificent sights and sounds to be enjoyed here. But, the first step to it all is a decent Orlando hotel booking.

Orlando has more than 400 hotels and resorts. This is in addition to the 25,000 odd vacation rentals. Given the sheer variety, choosing a home base for your vacation is no easy job. Fortunately, Orlando hotel bookings offer a home to people with different budgets, from luxurious resorts to budget boarding.

Generally, Orlando hotels offer attractive terms to attract visitors as many visitors as they can. Remember, many of these visitors keep coming back every year – and visitors always appreciate value for money. Here are some of the best deals that you can look forward to:

* Advance booking at some hotels bring you fixed cash discounts
* Some hotels offer complementary breakfast
* Some hotels offer complementary transportation to major attractions
* Some hotels organize guided city tours
* Some hotels offer complementary access to their pool, gym, reading room and so on in case the booking is for more than 3-4 days

In addition to the above, some hotels offer customized packages for visitors.

If you are on a budget:
If you are traveling on a budget, your choice would be a hotel that is inexpensive. At the same time, you are also better off choosing something that is close to the major attractions. An example would be The Sera Lago hotel. This hotel charges an affordable $45 and it offers all the usual amenities.

If you are seeking budget friendly accommodation, one of the best places to try for an Orlando hotel booking is ‘International Drive’. This place is known as ‘Orlando’s Tourism Corridor’ because of the sheer variety of hotels and resorts here. This area is also a good place to stay if you intend to visit major theme parks like Sea World, Walt Disney and Universal Studios.

If you intend to visit a single park, you might consider staying at the Universal Orlando Resort area or the Walt Disney World Resort. Both these places have several hotels, ranging from inexpensive to luxurious. Some of these hotels even offer special perks. For instance, by staying at the Universal Orlando Partner Hotels, you can avail of discounts in food and merchandise in the parks.

Orlando also offers great boarding opportunities for those who come here to do business. There are several budget hotels that offer internet connection and conference rooms.