Egyptian Holiday Destinations: Sharm El-Sheikh

There is a lot said about the benefits of Egyptian holidays for the historian. Given that it is the location of one of the earliest major world civilisations, that is not surprising. Locations like Giza and Luxor are dripping with history, and touches of ancient Egyptian architecture and aesthetics which are familiar to people in countries all over the world can be seen in their original form in those locations. That said, if you feel like you’ve had your fill of history, or just want a holiday that is a little more “present day” while remaining totally Egyptian, Sharm el-Sheikh is a destination without compare.

Sharm el-Sheikh Beach Holidays

There are many reasons why a tourist would wish to spend some time in Sharm el-Sheikh, not least of them the fact that it has beaches which compare favorably with just about any destination you could name. For a water sports enthusiast, there are few destinations which can hold a candle to the city, with Sharm being home to a plethora of diving equipment stores and diving schools; many of these are run by Europeans who have been attracted by the potential of the location. It is a truly “year-round” destination – hot in the summer, and still pleasantly warm even in winter.

Of all the beaches in Sharm, the most well-known is perhaps Na’ama Bay (or Na’ama Beach). The name means “pleasant” in Hebrew, and is both a nod to the former Israeli presence in the area and an apt descriptor of the area itself.

It is here that the majority of the hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh are to be found and these range from the higher-end names such as Hilton (which has a number of hotels here), Marriott and Sheraton to many more affordable spots. Some of these latter are independent private hotels, while the likes of Holiday Inn and Days Inn also have a presence in Sharm.

Why Go To Sharm El-Sheikh?

As well as being a popular tourist destination, Sharm el-Sheikh has for some time been the location for Middle East peace conferences due both to its accessibility and its cosmopolitan nature. The hardened classicist may not find the location to their liking, but Sharm el-Sheikh is still an Egyptian city. What it offers to the tourist is the best of both worlds – ready proximity to cities with more historical pull, and at the same time a holiday experience that is both European enough to avoid culture shock and still recognisable Middle Eastern in tone.

Sharm also compares favorably with many European destinations in terms of price. While the beaches and the amenities lose nothing by comparison with the coastal destinations to be found to the North in Europe, the voyager can enjoy all the sights and sounds of the various resorts without breaking the bank.

In being at the same time affordable, unspoiled and welcoming, Sharm el-Sheikh manages to pull off a trick that many destinations on every continent in the world have been struggling with for some time. Even if you just take a couple of days off from seeing the classic ancient sites in the rest of the country, it is worth spending some time here if only to see the beautiful scenery of the Sinai peninsula.