Orlando Hotel Booking Tips

Orlando vacation trips are considered to be one of the best vacations in the world for the entire family – and why not? Orlando has something for everyone. There are parks, movies and entertainment for all. And it’s not just Disney Land we’re talking about. That’s just one part of what Orlando offers. There are a large number of magnificent sights and sounds to be enjoyed here. But, the first step to it all is a decent Orlando hotel booking.

Orlando has more than 400 hotels and resorts. This is in addition to the 25,000 odd vacation rentals. Given the sheer variety, choosing a home base for your vacation is no easy job. Fortunately, Orlando hotel bookings offer a home to people with different budgets, from luxurious resorts to budget boarding.

Generally, Orlando hotels offer attractive terms to attract visitors as many visitors as they can. Remember, many of these visitors keep coming back every year – and visitors always appreciate value for money. Here are some of the best deals that you can look forward to:

* Advance booking at some hotels bring you fixed cash discounts
* Some hotels offer complementary breakfast
* Some hotels offer complementary transportation to major attractions
* Some hotels organize guided city tours
* Some hotels offer complementary access to their pool, gym, reading room and so on in case the booking is for more than 3-4 days

In addition to the above, some hotels offer customized packages for visitors.

If you are on a budget:
If you are traveling on a budget, your choice would be a hotel that is inexpensive. At the same time, you are also better off choosing something that is close to the major attractions. An example would be The Sera Lago hotel. This hotel charges an affordable $45 and it offers all the usual amenities.

If you are seeking budget friendly accommodation, one of the best places to try for an Orlando hotel booking is ‘International Drive’. This place is known as ‘Orlando’s Tourism Corridor’ because of the sheer variety of hotels and resorts here. This area is also a good place to stay if you intend to visit major theme parks like Sea World, Walt Disney and Universal Studios.

If you intend to visit a single park, you might consider staying at the Universal Orlando Resort area or the Walt Disney World Resort. Both these places have several hotels, ranging from inexpensive to luxurious. Some of these hotels even offer special perks. For instance, by staying at the Universal Orlando Partner Hotels, you can avail of discounts in food and merchandise in the parks.

Orlando also offers great boarding opportunities for those who come here to do business. There are several budget hotels that offer internet connection and conference rooms.

Why The Best Dog Food For A Sensitive Stomach Should Always Be Homemade!

If you are struggling to find the right dog food for a sensitive stomach, you won’t find it down any commercial pet food isle. Why? Because nearly 99% of all dog food brands are unsafe and unhealthy since they are filled with harmful dyes, additives and contaminants that are the root cause of a sensitive stomach from dog food. If your dog is suffering and showing the classic symptoms of an upset stomach such as diarrhea and vomiting, then you know you’ll do everything you can to make your doggie feel better. And the best food for dogs with a sensitive stomach is a wholesome and all natural homemade meal.

Cooking homemade meals for your best friend is optimal because you control what goes into the dish. You immediately can easily eliminate the commercial brands and their added toxins by using only the ingredients you already have in your kitchen. But, as a pet owner, there are a few more simple steps you should take in changing your dog’s diet and providing optimal nutrition with every home cooked meal.

You see, the plain truth is that dogs digestive systems are different than our own and can therefore suffer many food intolerances. And millions of dogs every year suffer needlessly with upset stomachs because of the added chemicals and preservatives mentioned above. In short, the best dog food brand for a sensitive stomach is you – because you are the one with total control over the ingredients your dog ingests.

The best dog food for a sensitive stomach is selecting a variety of foods, most notably whole grains and natural protein meats that will be well rounded and provided to your pooch on a rotation. The key here is not just providing these foods at intervals, although that helps immensely, but selecting foods that are completely new to your doggie’s pallet. By introducing new foods, you are presenting your dog’s digestive system with newer and healthier protein rich and carbohydrate dense foods that will alleviate your dog’s painful tummy trouble.

One great homemade food that will really help is of course rice, which most people have heard works wonders for your dog. Rice presents a good solid carbohydrate source for your dog but the thing you don’t want to do is heat or warm it in the microwave. The irradiated food can cause your dog’s tummy more trouble. So be sure to simply steam it and use brown rice for its higher nutritional yield.

Another great food for your dog’s stomach is to introduce bone meal or even add an all natural powdered milk. Not only will this settle your dog’s belly but it is also a great way to get some much needed calcium into his or her diet.

The best dog food for a sensitive stomach isn’t on some commercial pet store shelf. The best food for dogs with a sensitive stomach is right in your own kitchen and that is exactly where you can also treat his tummy issues starting today.

California Beach Weddings Can Be Every Bit As Romantic As Tropical Destinations

California is a beautiful state bordered by the Pacific Ocean, which serves as a gorgeous backdrop for all types of activities and events year round. The smell of salt water, a soft wind blowing, and sand between your toes as you sit listening to the waves rolling in. Absolutely rejuvenating yet relaxing all at once. Even if you’re surrounded by people, you’re having a unique experience all your own that will remain with you forever. This is one of the reasons why California beach weddings are so popular. The ocean is a powerful presence, and it is both captivating and romantic, very much like a true love story. Must have something to do with why California beach weddings are so popular.

To locate the most popular beaches in the state and the top wedding sites, visit beach california dot com. The perfect California beach wedding complete with arch laden with intertwined rose vines, is the perfect setting for a romantic exchange of vows. There are many beautiful beaches to choose from for a memorable day. One of San Diego’s finest beach resorts, the L’Auberge Del Mar Resort and Spa located north of the city off the historic coast highway, is an ideal setting for the perfect California wedding by the sea. For more information go online, and to take care of the creative aspects of your celebration consult the resort’s Director of Romance, who is available upon request. Couples should also check out beautiful California beach weddings in Mendocino, the perfect setting with private sandy beaches, and local businesses that specialize in destination weddings and all the details, including catering, floral services, formal clothing, entertainment, and more.

There are many businesses that are dedicated to providing professional wedding services for all budgets and tastes. All-inclusive California beach wedding packages are another popular option for couples featured on many wedding websites, offering a basic wedding package starting at $495 that includes a personalized romantic wedding ceremony, decorations at the beach, and keepsake sand container. Small weddings and larger gatherings up to one hundred guests can be accommodated, however, some cities may require a special day use permit for the wedding, and parking could be an issue. Shuttle buses are an option that is available to eliminate any parking problems, and your guests will thank you for it. It’s a very special day and nothing should ruin it, especially lack of parking. Enlist the help of a professional wedding coordinator to avoid wedding day nightmares; you’ll more than likely be glad you did!

9 Key Facets to Crafting a Productive and Viral Sales Culture

You have amazing customer service. You have an attractive web presence and it’s on the front page of all the top search engines. You have a compelling value proposition. Your products and services are considered cutting edge. You are the competition. That well-oiled machine you lead didn’t evolve by happenstance.

So why do your sales people seem separated from your other employees?

If your sales team isn’t hitting its targets, its potential, and its objectives and isn’t sticking its chest out with pride, it’s because your sales culture wasn’t built correctly. Correctly building a great sales culture is a process, not an event. It is a long-term investment with a mind blowing ROI.

It’s seems peculiar to me that companies try to grow sales, by exerting pressure on what they perceive are their haughty sales people, reminding them of how far behind they are of hitting their ever growing quotas. Too many times, albeit well intended, leadership concurs that increasing the bonus structure will be the carrot that fuels the drive to gain the results desired. However, the only find that paying more to salespeople does not make them any better at selling, it breeds complacency.

Organizations reinvest a large portion of revenue into refining their offerings and increasing their marketing, in hope of increasing sales and gaining market share. This rarely hurts but it too often disguises the underlying problem. It’s been reported by many pundits that over 70% of an organizations training time, time spent teaching their sales force, is on product knowledge versus actually selling. The rub comes from the fact that today, more and more buyers know more about the company’s products and services than the salesperson anyway, thanks to the internet. This leaves the salesperson without their customary leverage.

To get on your way to building a great sales environment, you need to learn what we’ve been teaching for years.

Here are the nine key elements to crafting an amazing sales ethos:

  1. Listen & Observe. Get out with your salespeople, yes you and not their managers, and let them show you over a period of several months why they aren’t producing. Be supportive, don’t be critical, and follow their “I’m from Missouri so show-me” style of educating their critics. Use a disinterested third party for this event and they will come away with an earful of invaluable insight.
  2. Numbers never lie. Everybody has a system for monitoring activity that produces results. This data needs to be analyzed and linked not just to the sales department, but to the peripheral departments that impact their ability to develop new business. Take every number and ask all the three-year-old why questions you can stomach until all those finger pointing departments heads start to spew answers.
  3. What to say. Nearly all salespeople complain about scripts because they don’t like to be told what to say. Yet, sales people don’t like cold-calling because they aren’t sure what to say. Having a polished approach and being technically proficient is the edge of a pro. If you don’t have a standardized presentation, for every single objection and every single variable, stop everything you are doing and get them made – and not without the direction of your best salespeople! Having a sales force without this is like a business without a plan; it lacks structure, guidance and is unpredictable.
  4. Activity drives results. The top 20% produce 80% of the sales because they generally out work and out think the rest. The salesperson, who qualifies the most prospects, in the least amount of time, has the best results. This is by far the largest factor in how many sales they get, and has very little to do with who buys and who doesn’t. Push for activity to increase and the results will follow. Once you get consistent activity, and then polish the technique. Coaching technique without the activity will yield a negative ROI. Support that technique with the latest tools that actually help them sell, versus tools they know feed their managers judgmental eye.
  5. Pull weeds before they spread seeds. Anybody who has had a dandelion problem knows this basic fact. It’s also true with salespeople. Your managers know in their gut in less than six weeks if the new hire will make it or are their top time waster. Nothing spreads through a sales team like a bad attitude when your team senses the weed killer is too watered down to protect their rapid growth from wilting. Cut your marginal performers quickly, knowing you will have cut a future star now and then, because the majority are thistles spreading to your entire team.
  6. Dance to Three Dog Night. Always, praise in public and criticize in private. Always, create incentives that drive activity. Yes, year-end and even quarter-end kickers need to be tied to production, short-term incentives will spike activity. Your top 20% are just very different people! You’ll be amazed at what a salesperson will go through to gain recognition and a free dinner for two. Celebrate, celebrate and dance to the music!
  7. They won’t drink the Kool-Aid. Your sales people have to feel like they practically own the place. They have to believe in what they are selling is truly superior and beneficial to their customer. They feel like they are putting their good name on the line. They should be the highest income earners in your firm. They are the only face most of your customers ever see or hear from and their image is your image. They receive more advice on how to do their job, from people within your organization, who can’t and won’t do what they do, than any other responsible position within your entity. Rejection is constant in what they do for you. Give them your vision. Make certain they know how critical they are to your vision. If they believe in your vision, if they know what they pitch can change lives, if they know the big picture doesn’t exist without them – they will love being where they are! Feed their minds, love their work, fuel their activity and get out of their way.
  8. Practice doing the splits. You better be your sales team’s most ardent admirer and most persistent and consistent cheerleader. You must have the internal belief, in a very real manner, that what they do is honorable and that they are deemed professionals within your entire company. If there is anyone who thinks or shows signs of feeling otherwise – just have them do their job – seriously!
  9. They worship a different God. The great salespeople have a list of people they consider sales gurus. You may worship Jack Welsh, Kenneth Frazier or Marissa Mayer but your top sales people worship the thoughts and teachings of Jill Konrath, Jeffrey Gitomer, Christine Kelly and Brian Tracy and they think your pundits, wouldn’t be who they are, without their top sales leaders. Don’t limit them to your internal methods. Feed their minds from the outside in and watch your customer love how in-tuned you are to how they love to buy! Sales people are your consultants with a direct impact on your cash flow. Bring them their idol to worship live and relish how they tell everyone how awesome it is to work for you.