Why The Best Dog Food For A Sensitive Stomach Should Always Be Homemade!

If you are struggling to find the right dog food for a sensitive stomach, you won’t find it down any commercial pet food isle. Why? Because nearly 99% of all dog food brands are unsafe and unhealthy since they are filled with harmful dyes, additives and contaminants that are the root cause of a sensitive stomach from dog food. If your dog is suffering and showing the classic symptoms of an upset stomach such as diarrhea and vomiting, then you know you’ll do everything you can to make your doggie feel better. And the best food for dogs with a sensitive stomach is a wholesome and all natural homemade meal.

Cooking homemade meals for your best friend is optimal because you control what goes into the dish. You immediately can easily eliminate the commercial brands and their added toxins by using only the ingredients you already have in your kitchen. But, as a pet owner, there are a few more simple steps you should take in changing your dog’s diet and providing optimal nutrition with every home cooked meal.

You see, the plain truth is that dogs digestive systems are different than our own and can therefore suffer many food intolerances. And millions of dogs every year suffer needlessly with upset stomachs because of the added chemicals and preservatives mentioned above. In short, the best dog food brand for a sensitive stomach is you – because you are the one with total control over the ingredients your dog ingests.

The best dog food for a sensitive stomach is selecting a variety of foods, most notably whole grains and natural protein meats that will be well rounded and provided to your pooch on a rotation. The key here is not just providing these foods at intervals, although that helps immensely, but selecting foods that are completely new to your doggie’s pallet. By introducing new foods, you are presenting your dog’s digestive system with newer and healthier protein rich and carbohydrate dense foods that will alleviate your dog’s painful tummy trouble.

One great homemade food that will really help is of course rice, which most people have heard works wonders for your dog. Rice presents a good solid carbohydrate source for your dog but the thing you don’t want to do is heat or warm it in the microwave. The irradiated food can cause your dog’s tummy more trouble. So be sure to simply steam it and use brown rice for its higher nutritional yield.

Another great food for your dog’s stomach is to introduce bone meal or even add an all natural powdered milk. Not only will this settle your dog’s belly but it is also a great way to get some much needed calcium into his or her diet.

The best dog food for a sensitive stomach isn’t on some commercial pet store shelf. The best food for dogs with a sensitive stomach is right in your own kitchen and that is exactly where you can also treat his tummy issues starting today.